Actor Mark Lee's wife writes birthday post for son who had felt left out

Mark Lee and Catherine Ng have three children: Calista, 13, Maksonn, 10, and Calynn, eight. PHOTO: CATNG1313/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Actor-host Mark Lee's wife Catherine Ng has written another birthday post on social media - this time for her son.

He had felt left out after her touching postabout the journey she had gone through with her younger daughter Calynn, who was diagnosed in 2018 with glomerulonephritis, a rare condition affecting the kidneys.

Lee, 52, and Ng, 48, have three children: Calista, 13, Maksonn, 10, and Calynn, eight.

Calynn celebrated her birthday on Aug 19, while Maksonn celebrated his birthday on Aug 25.

In an Instagram post on Friday (Sept 3), Ng wrote in Chinese: "My little lover is very cute. He asked me why I didn't write a post for him after he saw the wishes I wrote for his sister.

"I looked through my Instagram and realised I did not pen any birthday wishes for him. I felt a little guilty and made it up for him on his lunar birthday."

Ng admitted that she and Lee have sometimes neglected Maksonn.

"His elder sister has always been doted on by their father, while we have shifted our focus to his younger sister due to her illness," Ng wrote.

"Moreover, he is a boy and his mischievous character makes us stricter in disciplining him, which undoubtedly makes him more likely to suffer from middle child syndrome."

Ng said that she went through a painful delivery 10 years ago and missed Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung's concert as a result. However, she said her love for Maksonn has never been diminished.

"You are mum's little lover and mum's dearest lover from another life. Your arrival made mum and dad very happy. Son, you are always the best in the eyes of mum and dad.

"I wish you a happy birthday, academic success, health and happiness. Our world has become wonderful because of you, and we are proud of you. We love you to the moon and back."

Ng also shared a video of the family and Maksonn's friends happily celebrating his birthday, showing him with a plate of two red eggs and a bowl of longevity noodles.

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