What readers are talking about this week

The recently sealed Paris climate change pact got readers talking this week.

Mr Manoraj Rajathurai said that the hard part of the pact was to translate the agreements into immediate action and getting the signatories to meet their commitments. He was hopeful that the role of oil would diminish in importance.

However, Mr Francis Cheng argued that renewable sources of energy will not be able to replace fossil fuels entirely, as renewable energy is totally dependent on the fossil fuel-based economy. For example, coal power is used to produce solar cells in some places, he added. Mr Cheng also questioned the prospects of renewable energy becoming a primary source of energy, given issues such as cost and the destruction of the natural habitat in building facilities for renewable energy.

Mr Ng Ya Ken suggested that Singapore take the lead in adhering to the agreements of the pact, for example, by setting out plans to speed up the country's development in clean energy and acquire an advantageous head start. He added: "With no natural resources, Singapore cannot stay as an onlooker or follower."

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