Why discriminate against bankrupts?

My husband is an undischarged bankrupt who is looking for a job. Apparently, many companies including multinational corporations and large local corporations in Singapore, are reluctant to employ bankrupts.

We are surprised and angry that even ex-convicts who had committed crimes are given opportunities to be gainfully employed.

Bankrupts are not criminals. They are in this situation for a variety of reasons, including failed business, excessive spending, family problems, and so on.

My husband went for several interviews and of these, two employers were willing to consider offering him a job.

However, when my husband told them that he is an undischarged bankrupt, their response was that they would need to check with higher management and get back to him.

My husband did not get the jobs.

Bankrupts should be given a fair chance. Human resource managers in corporations should remove the stigma against bankrupts.

Is there some unspoken rule about companies hiring bankrupts?

Evelyn Tan (Ms)

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