Tap technology to nab errant drivers

The case cited in the report on Feb 26 is not the first one involving someone caught driving without a valid licence ("Jail, driving ban for man who caused second road death").

We should not just rely on policing to catch these perpetrators.

Instead, we should be using technology to help us.

The in-vehicle unit (IU) is a powerful tool.

It should not be an ordinary CashCard that is inserted into the system. The driving licence should be inserted instead.

If one is caught for any traffic offence, the Traffic Police will know exactly who committed the crime, by capturing the data. This is contrary to the situation now, where some people get others to take the rap.

The licence can also act as a stored value card for the deduction of Electronic Road Pricing and parking charges.

Without a valid licence to insert into the IU, an errant driver might be deterred from taking the wheel.

One might argue that a person could still borrow someone else's licence to insert into the IU.

Anyone found passing his driving licence to another person should be slapped with mandatory jail time.

This should effectively deter people from passing their licences around.

Chua Boon Hou