Take steps to make roads safer for motorcyclists

I agree with Mr Kunjan Vasudevan's assertion that motorcycles and cars are complementary, especially when most cars on the road are only driver-occupied ("Motorcycles can play role in push to be car-lite"; March 7).

His suggestion that a car-lite initiative could be better achieved by encouraging more two-wheelers on our roads is valid.

Our road system can definitely accommodate more motorcycles, and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) should seriously consider increasing the number of certificates of entitlement for motorcycles.

Motorcycles require fewer resources, such as parking spaces, and contribute less to road congestion, pollution and consumption of energy.

But to encourage more people to ride motorcycles, certain steps must be taken, as many people perceive this form of transport to be dangerous.

The Government should reduce the speed limit of heavy vehicles, including tipper trucks, container trucks, pick-up trucks and haulage trailers.

Fines and demerit points for speeding and other traffic offences should also be increased as a regulatory measure to prevent serious accidents.

Motorcycles from across the Causeway must also comply with the safety standards of riding and maintenance prescribed by our local authorities.

The LTA should inculcate a road safety culture, where every road user, be he a car driver, motorcyclist, pedestrian or cyclist, will respect others and be thoughtful of another road user's safety and well-being.

Cycling groups have lobbied for a 1.5m safety buffer from moving vehicles. Perhaps the motoring public should also pay equal attention to the safety of motorcyclists.

Sum Kam Weng