Study effectiveness of cycling lanes

Experts have reckoned that Sentosa, where on-road cycling lanes are being built, could be a test bed to find out whether such lanes could be adopted in other areas ("On-road cycling lanes being built on Sentosa"; Dec 23, 2015).

I wonder if any detailed studies have been conducted.

I have encountered cases of cyclists disregarding the cycling lane and riding two abreast outside the lane.

Once, when I informed one such cyclist that there was a cycling lane for his use, he said that the lane was dirty and it would dirty his bicycle and puncture his tyres.

Given that Singapore is about to embark on a massive project to enable cyclists to share public road space, the focus now should be to study the Sentosa project, take note of what the reality is, and then reflect on the purpose, safety and enforcement of on-road cycling lanes ("Pedestrians, cyclists to get 2 lanes on part of Bencoolen Street"; Jan 22).

Augustine Cheah Swee Keat