Rethink location of exhaust ducts at Jurong East foodcourt

It was not a great idea to house an air-conditioned foodcourt under Jurong East MRT station.

Four external kitchen exhaust ducts are level with the ticket concourse. Odours and fumes are forced into the air, thus creating pollution in the station.

It is mandatory to clean and maintain commercial kitchen exhaust ducts at least once every 12 months.

Foodcourts should service their ducts more frequently because of the high volume of cooking.

Mechanisms must be in place to prevent any lapses, as grease build-up inside the ducts can lead to dangerous fires. It would be disastrous if it happens at a busy MRT station.

To make Jurong East station a more pleasant place, there needs to be a less intrusive outlet for kitchen exhaust fumes.

Loong Chik Tong