Plagued by noise from construction of flyover

I hope the Land Transport Authority (LTA), National Parks Board and other government bodies can come together to help mitigate the noise and pollution arising from the construction of a new flyover at the intersection of West Coast Highway and Jalan Buroh.

This could be done through the planting of more trees, reduced speed limits, the erection of noise barriers and privacy shields.

As a West Coast Road resident, I find it difficult to bear with the constant and daily noise and pollution.

At times, it continues into the night and into the wee hours of the morning. My doors and windows facing the highway have to remain closed most of the time, in order for my family to have some peace. The same goes for my neighbours.

I understand and support the objective of having this flyover, and the easing of future congestion for the future developments in the west.

However, I hope that at least some measures can be taken to reduce the additional noise and pollution.

I have noted some recent examples from the LTA regarding the construction of noise barriers at the Anak Bukit Flyover, Telok Blangah Drive and along Braddell Road.

I also hope that the low-noise road surface that the LTA is testing comes to fruition as well ("Coming up: Noise barriers for PIE stretch"; July 7, 2015).

I hope the same initiatives can be offered for the affected residents of West Coast Road.

Kenneth Luo Wenwei