Important to know contributions of other ethnic groups

Eurasians may be one of the smallest ethnic groups here, but their contribution to Singapore is second to none (Eurasian community has made many contributions to S'pore: PM; April 10).

Mention well-known Eurasian personalities nowadays, and these names invariably come to mind: swimmer Joseph Schooling, musician Jeremy Monteiro and lawyer Annabel Pennefather.

There were also prominent and capable figures in the Eurasian community in the past, whose efforts in many areas contributed to the success and well-being of our nation.

The late Mr K.M. Byrne, a founding member of the People's Action Party, was Singapore's minister for labour and law in the first Cabinet line-up when the party formed the government in 1959.

Our country's first Commissioner of Police was Mr John Le Cain.

Sportsmen like high jumper Lloyd Valberg, marksman Frederick de Souza, soccer and hockey international Wilfred Skinner, and sprinter Mary Klass were legendary in most of the fields they were in.

All of these people have made our country proud.

Being a multiracial society, it is important for Singaporeans to learn and appreciate one another's heritage and the culture of the various ethnic groups.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng