Digital TV signals weak in some areas

Last Wednesday's article on the digital TV roll-out ("TV everywhere") mentioned that certain regions of Singapore are already able to receive digital TV signals.

However, being in a digital TV-covered area does not mean that the residents are able to get full access to it.

I live in a Housing Board flat and do not subscribe to any cable TV services. I am still relying on analogue TV, as the digital TV signal is weak on the lower floors where I live.

I have all the necessary equipment but when I turn on my TV, it receives only two channels, and even these have quite a bit of signal issues, often freezing or showing blocks across the screen.

If the Media Development Authority is serious about rolling out digital TV for everyone, perhaps it could look into installing digital TV antennae on each HDB rooftop, just like in the analogue TV era.

This way, each household just needs to plug into the wall receptacle to get full high-definition digital TV services. Otherwise, the analogue antennae still give a better viewing experience for those of us living on the lower floors or on the sides of HDB blocks that are blocked from the transmitter.

Victor Lim Hsuan Hung