Be considerate at theatre concerts

I disagree with Mr Kevin Lim Fung Ming's views on the need for flexibility by theatre staff ("Understand difference between rock concerts, musicals"; Sept 29).

I was at the performance by The Bootleg Beatles rock 'n' roll band at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre on Thursday last week.

There were a few people who stood up and blocked the view of others, and were told by others sitting right behind them to sit down.

Those who decided to dance away at one corner of the theatre were left alone by the ushers and security staff.

When the audience was told by the performers to stand up and sing along with them, everyone did so.

The audience was told by the ushers beforehand to refrain from taking photos and videos, but many did not comply.

I agree with Mr Lim that it is not conducive for such a rock concert to be held in a theatre or auditorium, especially when people are up on their feet.

Andrew Seow Chwee Guan