Setting up chairs in void deck worsens noise problem

Mr Soh Ah Yuen suggested that the authorities place tables, chairs and exercise equipment in void decks to stop ball games ("Other ways to stop ball games at void decks"; Feb 27).

However, the railings were put up because residents had complained about the noise problem from children at play.

Placing tables and chairs and exercise equipment there would only encourage people to congregate and generate more noise, thereby disturbing residents, especially those living on the lower floors.

It may also make it easier for undesirable people to gather, and pose a security risk.

Noise pollution is a serious problem, especially in our densely populated city, and we must take all necessary measures to minimise it.

The authorities should set aside places some distance away from the blocks for children to play and also for senior citizens to meet for social interaction.

We must take a long-term view and plan well to make our country a pleasant place to live in.

Jagir Singh Riar

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