Random security checks still effective

I disagree with Mr Seah Yam Meng, who said security checks are "useless against terrorists with explosives" (Checks at MRT stations not enough to deter terrorists; Nov 20).

While security checks might not be very effective, having plainclothes policemen patrolling MRT trains is even less effective as we have more than a million passengers on our trains daily and it does not make sense to have just a few policemen on patrol duty.

When assessing a situation, we need to judge if the method used is practical, feasible and logical.

I believe the current random checks are effective as security personnel are trained to spot suspicious behaviour in passengers, and studies have shown that terrorists almost always behave differently before they attack. Hence, the security personnel will be able to stop them for checks.

Thus, I believe we should continue to comply with security checks as responsible and cooperative passengers.

Kenneth Tan Kai Siang, 15

Secondary 3 student

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