Puzzled over town councils' lift performance ratings

In the report on town councils' estate management performance ("No red marks for all town councils in latest report"; Tuesday), it was stated that all 16 town councils passed muster, with all town councils receiving the "Good" rating in lift performance.

However, in the past few months, there have been serious incidents regarding lift performance and maintenance.

In one case, the lift sped out of control. In another, an elderly man on a mobility scooter died when his vehicle toppled because the lift was not level with the ground.

There was also another incident where a woman's hand was severed because the dog leash she was holding on to was too thin for the lift sensors to detect. The doors closed while the woman's dog was still outside the lift.

The first two incidents suggest serious lift performance issues.

So, how could the rating on lift performance in the estates where these incidents took place be on a par with the other estates, where there were no incidents?

What would it take for a lower-than-good rating to be accorded? Are standards, when rating lift performance and other measures of town council performance, evenly and consistently applied when evaluation and audit exercises are carried out?

Tan Soon Hock

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