Parents, teachers must work together to help children

Kindergarten is when a child builds the foundation needed for his education.

Naturally, at this age, he needs the attention and guidance of his parents and teachers.

The main objective of parent-teacher meetings at this stage is to discuss feedback and suggestions so that remedial action can be taken, if needed.

Teachers need to be professional and sensitive in their approach.

They must not describe a child in a way that may hurt the feelings of parents.

No parent likes his child to be singled out as being "a slow learner" or "disobedient".

Instead, a teacher can give assurances that the child will certainly make gradual progress.

Parents have an obligation to monitor their child's development as well, and must share with educators what they think are the areas their child can improve in.

It will be good for parents and teachers to encourage each other with the common goal of disciplining the child.

After all, pre-school education is a first step, and there is ample time for a child to improve before he joins primary school.

Syed Alwi Altahir

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