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Do you think Singapore's football ecosystem is in need of reform?

The administration needs to relook the enjoyment that young players get when they learn the game. Coaches often lack the fundamental coaching ethics and leadership, and only focus on skill development and "drills".

I have seen many young coaches resort to what they went through when they were coached, and then adopt these, thinking, perhaps erroneously, that what worked for them will work now too.

Lionel Teo

Football should remain a social thing in Singapore, you know, a weekend kick-about among a group of friends.

Invest heavily in sports where we have medallists at the Olympic, Paralympic and World Championship levels, sports like swimming, silat, shooting and bowling.

Matthew Liew

Should surrogacy be legalised for couples who are unable to conceive?

Whether the clients are infertile or homosexual or anything else is not relevant to the consideration of whether surrogacy exploits women of lesser financial means.

Patricia Choy

Experience overseas shows how children's lives are cheapened when they are treated as a "right"; defective babies are aborted or abandoned with the surrogate, and surrogates pressured to terminate "extra" babies in a multiple pregnancy.

And the sums of money offered in poor countries tempt women to rent their wombs instead of bettering their lot through study and work - often with little follow-up medical or psychological care. Just because a couple desperately wants a baby does not mean they are entitled to one by any means possible.

Umm Yusof

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