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Should NSFs be posted to work as ICA checkpoint officers to help immigration officials?

I totally agree as this is also part of national service. Moreover, there has been a manpower crunch at the checkpoints recently. With the strict criteria that only citizens can be immigration officers, our full-time servicemen are the best candidates.

Clifton Lock

It is a good idea to deploy full-time national servicemen to work under ICA after their military training. They will learn to study human faces and characters without using machines. It is an asset.

Anthony Lim

It is unfair to use NSFs to do such a job and such front-line roles should be handled by full-time staff.

Maybe ICA can consider giving out extra incentives during manpower shortages, so as to encourage staff to stay and help during peak periods.

Astro Astro

Why NSFs? This job should be given to Singaporeans who are in need of a secure full-time permanent salary.

Merikatakita Tomoshilukitekari

Allow NSFs to serve in different government agencies and hospitals after completion of training where their skills are fully recognised and utilised.

Desmen Low

If they are able to learn something, why not? Pay them more and do not use them as cheap labour.

Raymond Lim

There are NSFs patrolling airports as well. No difference in their missions.

Andrew Nai

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