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Do you think having robots at MRT stations can enhance safety and security? Or are current measures enough?

Good CCTV is sufficient; better than a robot and does not cost more than robots.

Save our funds; don't overspend unnecessarily.

Thomas Kiang

I think it may be necessary to have robots as it is an easier way to warn people not to pickpocket or harass anyone. It also may make public transport safer.

Carrie Heng

It helps but is not a complete deterrent. Human security presence is still preferred. Unless there is a real manpower shortage, then using robots may be a better replacement.

Peter Tan

Do you think people should be given more leeway for creative projects such as the Christmas decorations on an HDB flat ledge?

I guess one worry will be if parts of the display fall off. If the owner ensures that all is secured and takes responsibility for any unforeseen things that may happen, such pretty decoration should stay put.

Siti Nor'aini A S

No. Some look terrible and messy. It affects the aesthetics of the building's facade. Please leave it to the professionals. Mei Mei

The town council did a good job to evaluate. Too much restrictions dampen the mood of the festival and the whole of society. This will also improve the bonding of the community too.

Alex Ong

How can one be creative when the nation is so stifling? Take for example this decor. When you go out of your way to create the Christmas spirit, someone complains about you. We need to let loose and be more free-spirited.

Ek Onkar

What can we do to prevent technology from supplanting human interaction?

Humans should always have the upper hand over whatever tech that is introduced.

Spend time connecting or interacting with others via activities.

Edna Teo

If a person falls sick and she receives visitors, either at home or in the hospital, as well as phone calls, the patient will definitely feel touched. A robot is unlikely to perform the same.

Michelle Tan

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