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Should schools implement a quota system to enable a more diverse student population?

If this quota system will make our future generation know each other better, even if they are from different backgrounds, well, that's good... but personally, I feel that as parents, we have to instil this knowledge of respecting one another's culture and faith from young into our children, no matter what our status may be.

Siti Nor'aini A S

There are many variables at play and the socio-economic situation which one is born into seems to play a larger role in one's future success than one would like to admit... Hard work alone does not get anyone far. Sometimes, a bit of luck and well-connected friends do help you along the path to professional success.

Benjamin Chew

I fear that having a quota systems might lead to meritocracy being compromised... Students also may not want to enter those schools, because of factors such as distance and competition, which will not solve the problem even with a quota system.

Sean Lim

When I was in school, we formed cliques - the high socio-economic status (SES) and the low SES - and we seldom hung out together... Until parents can teach their children to accept everyone, there will still be biased self segregation... We may be in the same school but not of the same class.

Dyson Lim

Should the Government let the lease on HDB flats expire after 99 years?

The idea is right, given the land-scarce context, but this could have been communicated in a much better way to the public.

Jiachen Lin

99 year lease is a known fact since Day One. Why would anyone complain just because we are at the tail end of this 99 year lease?

Jason Tan

Yes, but the Government has SERS... If our Government is efficient and effective, all older housing estates should be able to be redeveloped by the end of the 99 year lease period.

Ron Tan Tan

Lease shall expire after 99 years but 80 per cent of Singaporean live in HDB and this needs to be addressed. HDB is not like private residences where a private developer can come and buy en bloc.

James Tan

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