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How should the menace of unsolicited messages from illegal moneylenders be tackled?

Making the reporting process less cumbersome would be a good start. In this day and age, taking a screenshot and uploading it should provide the police with sufficient information. At the end of the day, no one wants to write an essay just to report one SMS/WhatsApp message.

Wong Koon Yin

The current reporting process is way too cumbersome. It makes reporting extremely difficult. Filling up pages of online forms just to report one such number.

Have a direct reporting number through SMS or WhatsApp for fast reporting and response.

Nan Yik Mun

Just ignore it, block it or blacklist the numbers. No point reporting to the police because culprits are trying their luck. More importantly do not feed them by responding.

Andrew Singh

Should the street leading to Jalan Besar Stadium be renamed after late football legend Majid Ariff to honour him?

Changing or renaming a street is a big deal and rarely gets approved.

We have to take into consideration how a name change would impact everybody with a business on that street. Street name changes also affect apps that use GPS.

Gabriel Chia

Have a tournament named after him and a photo gallery of him during his heyday somewhere at the Sports Hub together with other sportsmen.

Siti Nor'aini A. S.

It would be cool and awesome to name a street after Majid around the Sports Hub or Farrer Park where he played, in recognition of those who contributed much to sports here.

Sui Walter

Do you think corporal punishment is an effective way to discipline children?

It is because of the absence of corporal punishment, that kids' behaviour and attitude are getting worse.

I fully support the reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools, childcare centres and student care centres.

Jeffrey Lim

Spare the rod and spoil the child - the fruits of which will be tasted bitterly by the regretful parents.

Having said that, there should be discerning wisdom in deciding when and if the child should be spanked (always with an outline of the mistake and an explanation why it should never be repeated) or disciplined with verbal counsel.

Corporal punishment should never be meted out by educators or the school personnel. Their job is to educate the child.

Leave the upbringing to the parents, who should be ashamed if they do not take their parenting duties seriously.

Rachel Chung

If corporal punishment is not used, parents must invest time and energy to use non-physical approaches to discipline.

In many cases, parents do not have this knowledge, skill or time.

I'd rather parents use corporal punishment than not discipline their child at all.

Kevin Chong

There is a subtle difference between discipline and corporal punishment.

Using the rod is not wrong. It becomes abuse in the wrong hands. That is what makes it wrong.

John Lee

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