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Leave alone is insufficient to help working parents. What other measures would be useful for them?

Make it compulsory for companies to provide working mothers with flexi-work arrangements - and ensure that those who opt for such arrangements are not ostracised by colleagues and are given equal opportunities for performance-related incentives.

Huimin Ng

More subsidies for childcare. Fees... are rising by the year, yet the subsidy remains the same.

Pei Sze Goh

After office hours childcare arrangements are lacking or absent in Singapore. These would greatly help people doing shift work or those who need childcare arrangements at odd hours.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Shorten their working day by about two hours, with the Government bearing the cost.

Eliyah Osman

Should people volunteer only for altruistic reasons? Would volunteer numbers drop if there were no incentives?

Volunteers can offer their time but should be reimbursed if they are required to shell out any money when volunteering.

Kah Tat Quek

If you help someone and are expecting something in return, that is investing. Make sure you know what you're doing.

Alvin Chiong

If there were no priorities for primary school registration given to parent volunteers, do you think the schools would still have volunteers?

Liu INan

Should the Tuas mega port have cafes and retail stores? Is it a bad idea to combine a port with leisure amenities?

Should be okay as long as these activities are located outside port boundaries and do not interfere with port operations.

Yuen Hee Lee

The authorities must be able to attract crowds to these places so that the businesses there won't suffer.

Rishi Kumar

It is always good to have a common place to stay, work, rest and chill out.

Richard Lim Better to leave a port as a port... for safety and practical reasons.

Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif

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