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How can hawker centres be enhanced to become vibrant social spaces? Is providing Wi-Fi the answer?

I am in favour of Wi-Fi because it lays a foundation for high-tech payment and cloud-based services that allow users to order and pay for their food online so that they do not need to queue up to order and collect food.

To prevent seat hogging, allow users looking for a seat to seek help through a map-based service or app. Those within Wi-Fi range could be sent a message or notification if there is a huge crowd in the hawker centre.

Teng Bang Wei

I don't think having Wi-Fi in hawker centres will improve hawkers' or cleaners' efficiency and productivity. I would rather have a clean environment with affordable prices.

Shumei Lin

Enter a hawker centre to eat with your family or friends. Have a good chat and a good meal. Exit the hawker centre. By promoting Wi-Fi, you won't automatically make the consumer buy more food.

Angeline KM

What challenges might Cambodian maids and their employers face? How can these issues be resolved?

Most of them come from rural areas and don't know much about human rights, and can be easily exploited. These are the maids who need protection. Employers should never lay a hand on them. Do your bosses hit you when you make a mistake at work?

Fadly Azad

Employers and maid agencies should be required by law to allow maids to report to the Manpower Ministry once every month. Failing to do so will result in penalties and fines. Are all new maids briefed on their rights and given MOM and police contacts before they start work?

Yap Thian Beng

Being a maid is not easy. I can speak English well but it's still not enough, because of different accents and the way words are used differently... what more if someone can't speak and understand English? What's most important in our job is communication.

Ma Alicia Magsilang

As science evolves and information on pollution and green vehicles changes, how should government policies be adjusted in response?

Any change in law and policy (however well intentioned) needs to be carefully considered. Implementation needs to be transitioned over a period of time to ensure that existing diesel car owners who have relied on the previous regulations in good faith are not adversely impacted.

Jacinta Lim

The Government should study this more carefully before jumping to conclusions. Many tests are flawed anyway.

Desmond Low

Cars should be taxed across the board and an emissions tax be placed based on pollutants produced, instead of merely diesel cars. This is just an additional tax on a specific category under the premise that diesel is bad, instead of reviewing policies on electric, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles, or encouraging the use of public transportation.

Arvin Lim

Should cats have a place in our community?

Cats and dogs are therapeutic animals... With the ageing population and many elderly staying alone, isn't it good that the cats give them some companionship?

Catherine Lim

Not everyone in the community is a pet/animal lover. I know of some people who have allergy problems and some who don't like cats and dogs. To each his own; live and let live.

Janis Tang

It could be a source of irritation if the cat owner does not keep it in their home but allows it to roam the corridor and sneak into your home unwelcome.

Koh Chiew Eng

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