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A writer suggests that, given recent terror attacks in Europe, heavy vehicles should not be allowed along the tourist belt in Orchard Road. Do you agree? Would doing so help improve security here?

Only registered heavy vehicles should be allowed to enter Orchard Road, with escorting officers.

Shukor Md Dom

Even if heavy vehicles are banned, all it takes is a team of suicide bombers to wreak destruction. William Choo

With the slow traffic along Orchard Road, there is no way heavy vehicles can be used as a weapon.

Alexus Chan

All heavy vehicles, including public buses, should have a switch to disable the engine and activate the brakes.

In the event of a vehicle hijacking, the vehicle can be stopped to prevent harm or property damage.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Since teaching students the good habits of cleanliness and social responsibility takes time, what can be done to address the problem of littering in the meantime?

More dustbins. So hard to find dustbins nowadays.

Nora Oh Nora

Hire more enforcement officers. This will create jobs while reducing the number of litterbugs. Collect $500 for the first offence and I'm sure no one will dare to litter.

Wilfred Liew

Educate the young to love the environment and common space. Re-educate the older ones about socially acceptable behaviour. Educate the newcomers in this country.

Fines just reinforce the mentality of not getting caught.

Koichirou Jtan

The cleaners know who the culprits are. Empower them to issue summons.

Oliver De Silva

How can banking transactions be made easier for people with inconsistent signatures? What steps can be taken to deter forgeries in such cases?

We can't blame the bank. It is protecting us through tough screening and making sure the signature is genuine.

Chiam Bon Kong

Biometric technology is very accessible and efficient. Just revert to using thumbprints.

Peter Tan

The issuer of the cheque should write his particulars behind it. The bank staff can then contact the issuer if there is doubt.

Gabriel Chia

Just like how the identities of users of Internet banking are currently validated, banks can ask the issuer to authenticate the cheque using a one-time password delivered via SMS or generated by a security token.

Joseph Kwek

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