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Should all our Paralympians be rewarded, regardless of whether they won a medal? Why or why not?

In a game, there are always winners and losers. But the country can reward all Paralympians with some goodies for their participation.

Jim Chua

In the end, who pays? There is cost and benefit, and both must balance. The money must come from somewhere to fund rewards like free rides.

Sangha Vandana

Should students be encouraged to take part in more than just cleaning activities? What are the pros and cons of doing so?

Cleaning up the classroom lets children learn to work and cooperate with one another. It also builds teamwork, while keeping the areas clean.

There are many ways to teach students to be responsible. They could learn not to waste food, or learn to recycle their used items.

Bruce Ong

Take things one step at a time. Once cleaning classrooms becomes a routine for them, think of something else for them to do, like volunteering or doing some social work, such as visiting homes for the aged to help the elderly.

Peter Tan

Can the negative image of video games be shed? What role can e-sports play in Singapore society?

The Singapore economy or job market is academically driven, unlike in other countries where one can use one's talent in sports, gaming or photography more easily to make a living.

Here, gaming is mostly only a hobby, not a job - unless one is a developer or programmer. There are other opportunities here for children who are into gaming. At the tertiary level, they could take up a course in digital media.

Max Li

Real e-sports teach you that there are more ways to victory- for example, when your army is smaller than that of your enemies. Such e-sports force you to think out of the box in order to win - even if all hope seems lost. I encourage all kids to play hard and have fun!

Chee Kiat Teo

In a way, responsible gaming is an outlet for creativity, fun and relaxation. People with a competitive mindset will always need to be ahead of their competition to maintain an advantage, akin to real strategies employed by businesses and militaries.

The problem is that the market in Singapore is non-existent, or too small, to support e-sports. There can be only an elite few who succeed to compete against international pro-gamers, while the others are unable to maintain a living with their winnings.

Jing Hao

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