Multi-pronged approach vital in water conservation

The move to a new green rating for washing machines should be lauded as it will drastically reduce water consumption (New green rating for washing machines; April 1).

However, we must not rely on labels and green ratings to educate the public on the importance of conserving water. A multi-pronged approach has to be adopted if we are to be successful in our water conservation.

While technology can play a pivotal role, everyone must do his part.

The private sector should also be involved, by developing new technologies in water conservation.

Education is paramount in helping Singaporeans realise the importance of water. There could, for instance, be guided tours to our reservoirs for our youth to help them appreciate the role nature plays in our conservation efforts.

Such education must be carried out actively, not just through static reminders on posters to save water.

We could also have national-level water-saving competitions and projects.

The challenge will be to change the water consumption culture of Singapore.

Esther Teo Sze-Min (Ms)

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