Maids not the only ones targeted by moneylenders

It is not only foreign domestic workers who are getting unsolicited SMSes from moneylenders (How do moneylenders get maids' numbers?, by Ms Lynn Chua Li-Ming; June 1).

I have received at least 10 such SMSes over the past couple of weeks, each offering to lend me money and stating their easy payment terms.

When I called one of them to ask where he got my number from, he said his boss gave it to him.

These SMSes are still coming in and I am wondering if I should report them to the police.

As a member of the pioneer generation, I am wondering how they got my number.

The only time I shared my phone number was when I filled up a form at a roadshow in a shopping mall to apply for a credit card.

I suspect someone could have given my number to moneylenders and it was passed on to others.

Tan Wah Cheng (Madam)

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