Kids benefit from time with parents


While mothers may still be more active than fathers in the family, I think we must acknowledge the progress that has been made in encouraging a greater balance (Dads are chipping in, but mums still do more; July 9).

Making Singapore an even more gender-equal society starts with our families.

Most working fathers choose to focus on their job, as it is often seen as their responsibility to make a living for the family so that their children can grow up well.

However, being a parent goes beyond that - it also involves caring for the child's growth and development.

A child's welfare is largely affected by his interactions with both mother and father.

When children are able to spend time with both parents, they will grow up learning proper values and the importance of family bonding.

I hope more fathers will recognise the importance of investing sufficient time in their children so as to build a strong relationship with them, instead of a distant one.

Regina Tan Xuan Yun, 16,

Secondary 4 student

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