Impose stiffer penalties when children are not belted up

I fully support Mr Wilson Tan Teck Hian's call (Parents must stop putting children in danger in vehicles; Oct 2).

I have seen numerous drivers lifting children out from the front seat.

Many times, I have driven past vehicles with children playing in the back seat, leaning against a window pane, standing between the two front seats, or sitting on the front passenger's lap.

I have even seen a passenger in the front seat hold up and play with a toddler in a moving car.

Much has been published in the media about the importance of ensuring children wear seat belts or are secured in car seats in the back.

It is time for the law to be stricter.

There has to be more Traffic Police officers on the road to educate irresponsible or ignorant parents. Parents who are caught a second time should incur a stiff penalty.

This is to drive home the importance of this child safety requirement.

Perhaps some kind of information package on this can also be given to new parents so they are reminded of its importance from day one.

My two grandchildren have been belted up in my car ever since they were babies. It is now a habit for them to belt up.

Parents who drive children around should ensure belting up becomes second nature. It is better than to live with regret when a tragedy occurs.

Alice Tan Lik Hua (Ms)

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