Get teachers to work in shifts

It is bizarre that childcare centres are imposing fines on parents for picking up their children late (More childcare centres impose fine on parents late to fetch kids; Feb 23).

Are we becoming a society that imposes fines wantonly for everything because we know no other way to deal with any situation?

The very existence of some 1,400 childcare centres islandwide is indicative of the need for such facilities to meet our workforce demands.

It is not ideal, but a product of our dual-income families.

While there may be some errant parents who pick their children up late more than once, it is inconceivable that this is deliberate.

Parents would not pick their children up late without just cause.

Imagine the trauma of the children, who had already spent a good part of the day away from their parents, to be further subjected to seeing them a minute later than they had to.

A simple solution could be providing one or two teachers on a late shift for another hour or two to be available to address this situation after the official closing time.

Are the childcare centres simply worried about costs, or are they biting the hands that feed them?

Tan Ah Ung

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on February 27, 2018, with the headline 'Get teachers to work in shifts'. Subscribe