CorpPass offers better protection for personal data

We thank Mr Tan Kin Lian for his feedback (Keep SingPass option for business users; March 12).

CorpPass was developed to replace SingPass as a digital account for corporate digital transactions with the Government.

It was done to better protect personal data as well as sensitive business information.

To date, more than eight in 10 businesses use CorpPass.

The development of CorpPass was built on industry feedback that using SingPass as a login method for businesses could pose a potential risk to personal data.

For instance, employees might end up sharing their personal SingPass accounts to facilitate work transactions when they go on leave.

Mr Tan also mentioned he had to register separate CorpPass accounts for his company and association, and it was not easy to remember details of his two CorpPass accounts.

The feedback we have received, however, has been to the contrary.

Owners who have incorporated separate businesses have said they prefer to keep the businesses apart and to have separate CorpPass accounts.

This also allows small businesses to appoint staff to transact on behalf of the company when the businesses grow.

We welcome users to provide feedback on CorpPass at

Lim Keng Soon

Chief Communications Officer

Communications & Marketing Group

Government Technology Agency (GovTech)

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