Abide by rules for good condo living

Condominiums are governed by house rules, and all dwellers are expected to strictly abide by the rules.

I have had the opportunity to work as a security supervisor in several condos, and have observed residents blatantly flouting the rules.

Very often, they fail to carry their access cards, abuse condo parking regulations, stack items in common areas, carry out unapproved renovations and make a nuisance of themselves through excessive noise and other inconsiderate acts.

Some residents opt to become council members, only to abuse their position. They use their position to defy and threaten the security guards, hampering the security department's ability to maintain the house rules.

Condo living is supposed to be exclusive. Every resident should play his part to be responsible, respectful and uphold the rules in order to create an environment that is conducive for living.

Sivarajah Nathan

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