Forum: Payment reminder sent because billing system not promptly updated

We thank Mr Ong Kok Lam for his feedback (Tackle problem of foreign workers using false addresses, July 28).

We sincerely apologise to Mr Ong for the inconvenience and frustrations he faced regarding the two bill payment reminders that were sent to his home address.

We have since rectified the issue.

After due investigation, we have uncovered that a customer had signed up for a mobile plan at a StarHub-authorised dealer shop by fraudulently providing proof of billing bearing Mr Ong's address.

As a result, late payment reminders for this customer were sent to Mr Ong's address.

Mr Ong subsequently informed us last month of this fraud, and requested that such correspondence not be sent to his address.

However, our billing system was not promptly updated, leading to a second late payment reminder being sent this month.

We take all customers' feedback seriously, and will strive to enhance our billing system and related processes to serve our customers better.

We thank Mr Ong for his valuable feedback and continued support.

Cassie Fong

Assistant Vice-President

Corporate Communications


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