Forum: Excerpts from readers' letters

Children wearing protective masks queue at a check-in counter at the Changi Airport in Singapore, on Jan 23, 2020. PHOTO: EPA-EFE


Now that the potentially fatal Wuhan virus is spreading, it is a good time to educate the public to wear a mask when they have a cough to prevent the spread of viruses.

This should be strictly enforced on all forms of transport, especially airlines.

The virus is spread by droplets, so masks will reduce its transmission.

Healthcare personnel who are constantly exposed to risks should definitely do this.

Kho Kwang Po (Dr)


Too often, project brochures describe only what the advertising agency or owners think will sell (Recognise contributions of local building professionals, Jan 16). They dispense with the names of local professionals but gratuitously mention famous architects.

I think it would be a gracious move to give credit where credit is due. Celebrity is not just about money or sales. It is offering the invisible hand to up-and-coming talents to reach a higher level.

Lee Seong Wee


During my recent visit to Chennai, I was pleasantly surprised to observe a total ban on the use of plastics. This has led to ingenious ways of using other materials such as newspapers for wrapping and packaging, and recycled paper plates for meals.

I would urge Singaporeans to collectively and individually raise their consciousness about the harmful effects of plastics on the environment. It might be worth studying how it is possible to galvanise a whole country to avoid the use of plastics.

Padmini Kesavapany


Parents appear to have forgotten the need to keep silent at the library (Stop treating libraries as playgrounds, Jan 22).

As children, we were always reminded about this through big posters and signs.

It seems that many libraries have also taken this prerequisite for granted and trust that parents would educate their children.

The library is a place for learning, not for parents to let their children go wild.

Those managing libraries should also put up visible signs to remind children of this.

Simon Foo

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