Weekly Money FM Podcasts: Fulfilling consumers’ online banking needs

What trends lie in the future of online banking? PHOTO: PIXABAY

Weekly Money FM Podcasts (Jan 23)

Fulfilling consumers’ online banking needs (featuring Mr Paul Sommerin, partner and APAC head of digital & technology, Capco)

Buying her first house at 19 (featuring Ms Lacey Filipich, author and founder of Money School)

Executive chef leaves everything behind to open a pizza shop (featuring Mr Son Pham, Chef)

Can the first 31 days determine how the rest 2023 will be like for the stock market? (featuring Mr Sani Hamid, director for wealth management, Financial Alliance)

A 19-year-old’s formula to ace the General Paper (featuring Ms Rooke Lim, founder of Classicle Club)

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