ST HeadSTart: Are skills learnt in school outdated in the workplace? | Things to consider when opening a joint account

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Good morning! One of the stories we're looking at this week addresses what many students and fresh graduates may worry about: Are the skills you learn in school outdated in the workplace?

Soft skills and networks built in school will continue to be relevant in the workplace, as manpower correspondent Calvin Yang highlights. But more importantly, workers of today must go through a continuous cycle of upskilling and reskilling.

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Are you looking to spruce up your home? Renovation costs can easily run into the tens of thousands, and perhaps you are wondering how to cough up the money. Senior correspondent Chor Khieng Yuit outlines some key things to know about renovation loans, including what it can be put towards.

Meanwhile, invest editor Tan Ooi Boon shares some tips for those thinking about opening a joint account - whether it's with your spouse, sibling or live-in companions. One reminder? If your account is jointly held with a close companion, both of you should make wills on how the funds should be dealt with.

askST Jobs: I am a fresh graduate who just started working. Are the skills I learnt in school outdated?

While the reality is that rapid changes in technologies may mean you are already behind the curve, soft skills learnt in school such as problem solving and communication will still serve you well as these are among the top things employers assess when hiring.


How to fund renovation works for your home

Senior correspondent Chor Khieng Yuit delves deeper into how renovation loans are structured and how they compare to personal loans - perhaps this might be handy in helping you decide if renovation loans work for your needs.


Not all consumers eligible to tap new digital banks' offerings

While digital banks are courting those underserved by the current financial system, some consumers are facing inconveniences as they seek to get on board - one retiree had his application for a Trust credit card rejected, and has been left without an avenue to find out why his application was rejected.


MOM to work with education, culture ministries on criteria for new One Pass

Top talents in fields such as academia and performing arts will qualify for the new work pass based on their achievements in these fields, even if they do not clear the $30,000 monthly salary threshold.


Should you open a joint bank account?

Having a joint account means there's another person to share the finances with, but there are other considerations you should be mindful of, such as what happens to the money upon one holder's death. Invest editor Tan Ooi Boon shares more.


What you need to consider as an angel investor

It may be tempting to be an early investor in the next Razer or Carousell, but before you put your funds in, you should evaluate factors such as the founder's technical know-how and the firm's financials, says associate editor Lee Su Shyan.


Crypto funding in S'pore falls in first half of 2022 from last year's record: KPMG report

The recent decline in crypto investments comes as fintech funding on the whole dropped 15 per cent in the first half of the year compared with the previous six months, amid greater caution by investors.


More fresh graduates from SIT find full-time work, receive higher pay than before pandemic

In the class of 2021, 86 per cent secured full-time permanent jobs, up from 69.8 per cent of the cohort which graduated in 2020.


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