Singapore tops global liveability index, again

SINGAPORE - Singapore remains the most liveable location in Asia and the world, according to the latest data released on Jan 22 by human resources firm ECA International, which publishes location ratings for expatriate living conditions annually.

Perennial rival Hong Kong has fallen to 33rd place from 17th in the global ranking.

"Good air quality, solid infrastructure, decent medical facilities, low crime and health risks have contributed to Singapore maintaining its position at the top of the global ranking for quality of living for Asian assignees," said Mr Lee Quane, ECA's regional director in Asia.

He added that as Singapore constantly tops the charts, the country looks attractive for firms hoping to set up in the region.

This comes at a time when conditions in Hong Kong have been unstable.

ECA looks at the overall quality of living in more than 450 locations worldwide, which helps companies measure employees' allowances or compensation when going on international assignment.