BT Mark To Market Podcast: What does 2023 hold for the markets?

Where are the potential opportunities and risks for investors in 2023? BT Graphic

Synopsis: Listen to Senior Correspondent Ben Paul’s analysis and insight on market trends and corporate issues in Singapore in this podcast series based on his weekly column in The Business Times.

2022 was marked by the relentless tightening of monetary policy by major central banks to address the surge in inflation around the world. What about 2023? Ben Paul finds out. 


03:00 Cumulative impact of higher interest rates to be felt in 2023

09:43 Tech companies coping with “recession” after over-investment 

12:14 Hunt for tech companies still capable of disrupting status quo

15:48 Singapore market outperformed in 2022, faces risks in 2023

Produced by: Ben Paul (, Howie Lim and Claressa Monteiro

Edited by: Howie Lim

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