Ousted leader offers Suu Kyi cooperation

(REUTERS) - As the countdown to Myanmar's parliamentary election ticks away, opposition party leader Aung San Suu Kyi's got a boost from a former ruling party leader.

Former top general Shwe Mann, ousted in August, is pledging co-operation between his party and Suu Kyi's.

That support could help Suu Kyi form a government if her party fails to win an outright majority.

"Whenever Aung San Suu Kyi and I meet, we always talk about working together for the stability and development of the country. This co-operation will continue into the next parliament. We will work together for the good of the country," said Shwe Mann in Burmese.

It's the first time Shwe Mann's given an interview to international media since his dramatic sacking when security forces surrounded his party headquarters.

His close ties to Suu Kyi aroused suspicions among some of his own members and contributed to his demise.

He hasn't detailed how he would work with Suu Kyi and has said he would also be prepared to work with other parties.