Chinese teacher's inspiring 'the world is big' resignation letter causes a buzz

BEIJING (CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - A resignation letter of 10 Chinese characters has gone viral on Chinese social media because of its inspiring message.

"The world is big and I want to go out and see it," says the letter in Chinese, and was penned by a female teacher at Henan Experimental High School, who worked as a counsellor for 11 years.

Chinese media reported that she was Ms Gu Shaoqiang, an educational psychologist who graduated from Henan Normal University in 2004.

"This is the coolest resignation ever. The writer is so 'renxing' in pursuing her dream and I like it," said Sina Weibo user Yangguanglushang669. "Renxing" is popular online catchphrase that means to do whatever you want without restraint.

The letter dated April 13 leaked after Ms Gu's colleague snapped a photo of it and posted it online on Tuesday. Soon the post went viral on Chinese social media, and was reposted by official media, such as Xinhua and People's Daily.

Dahe Daily reported that her resignation has been accepted by the school.

Ms Gu has turned down interview requests from media, and declined to disclose her reason for resigning, according to, a news website based in Henan province.

"Resignation is my personal decision," She was quoted by media as saying. "I don't want to have any interviews over this. I just want to continue my peaceful life."

She said it was unexpected that the letter could grab the headlines, adding that she wants to "touch the world with eyes" when she is still able to do so.

"I long for simple life. I hope people won't ask me or mention the letter anymore. This is just my own decision. That's it," she said on Tuesday night in a post on WeChat, a popular messaging app.

A graduate from the high school said Ms Gu's teaching is "easy to understand, but comes with profound meaning".

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