Beijing rail commuters join hands to save trapped man

BEIJING • A man who was trapped between a train and the station platform doors in Beijing was rescued by other passengers on Thursday evening.

The incident that occurred at the Chinese capital's Dongzhimen Station was captured on video clips that went viral on China's social media platform Weibo.

In one video, commuters were seen rallying together to help train station staff and police officers to free the man.

Working together and shouting "1, 2, 3" in unison, they managed to push and tilt the train away from the platform.

Eventually, they managed to free the trapped man, and the crowd erupted into applause.

One Weibo user, who uploaded a video of the rescue effort, said the scene was a touching one to witness.

"Hope the injured man will get well soon," she said.

Beijing Subway later released footage of the incident on its Weibo account, saying the trapped commuter had deliberately jumped over the station platform doors when the train was approaching the station. As a result, the train driver hit the emergency brake.

Passengers on the train were evacuated while rescue services were activated to save the man.

The man was taken to a hospital and train services resumed 20 minutes later, Beijing Subway said in a statement.

"The important point is - no matter what the cause, what the reason, please cherish your life," it added.


How Beijing commuters freed trapped man.

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