Burglar shot in buttocks with bow and arrow in Australia

SYDNEY (AFP) - A burglar who tried to steal a car in Australia got more than he bargained for when he was shot in the buttocks with an arrow by the archery enthusiast owner.

Police said the hapless thief broke into the man's Sydney house on Sunday (Nov 6) evening and took cash before grabbing the keys to his car.

The proprietor, who was at home at the time with his wife, confronted the thief in the garage as he tried to reverse the vehicle and make a getaway.

After the 68-year-old armed himself with his bow, the intruder opted to get out of the car and make a run for it, jumping a fence.

"As he ran away, the male resident stood up on the fence and shot the fleeing man using the compound bow and arrow, hitting him in the buttocks or lower back area," New South Wales police said.

Despite apparently taking a hit, the man escaped and no trace has been seen of him since.

Police seized the bow and arrow as part of their investigation.

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