Mr Georgie Lee with (from left) daughter Evangeline, wife Evelyn and son Galven. He is passionate about mentoring young people and writing, and has co-authored a book with his son.
Mr Neo with his granddaughters Sheer Ann, five, and Sheer Zee, nine. He is passionate about giving people a helping hand when he can and displaying graciousness.
Mr Loi started writing to the Forum page late last year and focuses mostly on socio-economic issues.
Mr Lim with his wife, Madam Grace Diana Koh, in Darwin, Australia, last month. The retiree writes about government policies and matters that affect the lives of Singaporeans.
Mr Ng with his mother, Madam Ang Gek Hong, in Scotland. One of his passions is exploring new places on foot.
Ms Louis with her husband, Raphael, and daughter Nadia. She is passionate about helping people in their mental and emotion health, especially in the areas of marriage, parenting and friendship.
Mr Ho with his wife Susan, son Jonathan and younger daughter Christabel. He enjoys staying abreast of events that affect Singapore and the environment.
Mr Hong, a tutor and freelance actor, reads the Forum page to understand others' perceptions of certain issues and share them with his students as case studies.
Mr Ooi with (from left) wife Lay Heng Meng and sons Yen Sun and Wing Sun. He writes to contribute towards improving Singapore, as he believes feedback is needed for problem solving.
Mr Tan is passionate about football. He hopes that Singapore will have a vibrant sports culture and that citizens will proudly support the nation at all sports events.