BigBang singer Seungri booked for acting as an agent for prostitution

BigBang singer Seungri allegedly told an employee of his Burning Sun club to provide prostitutes to VIP customers. PHOTO: MUSIC MATTERS LIVE

SEOUL - BigBang singer Seungri was slated to enlist for mandatory military service this month but a new police action has put that in doubt.

According to lifestyle portal allkpop, the authorities raided a club in probing Kakao Talk messages where he allegedly told an employee of his Burning Sun club to provide prostitutes to VIP customers.

The police later booked Seungri, 28, for acting as an agent for prostitution.

This is the latest blow to his image after online rumours swirled that his management agency had tried to dispose of incriminating evidence last week.

But YG Entertainment's boss refuted such talk, saying that he had personally checked into the matter and found out that the disposal of company documents was a routine process carried out each quarter.

To prove that YG and Seungri had nothing to hide, he added that the documents would be kept in a warehouse run by the disposal company.

Seungri's troubles started last month when a customer said he had been assaulted by a Burning Sun employee.

Recently, he was questioned by the police for more than eight hours over issues of prostitution and drug use at the club.

A whistle-blower from a South Korean cable channel then revealed he had Kakao Talk messages that purportedly pointed to questionable activities at the club, including procurement of hookers for important customers.

Even as Seungri's shows in Osaka and Jakarta were cancelled as a result of the backlash against him, there were also reports that the Kakao Talk messages - from 2015 - had been forwarded to an anti-corruption and civil rights commission, instead of the police, for investigation.

The whistle-blower felt that some of the messages hinted at police corruption.

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