Sister reunion after Jacqueline Wong returns to HK, TVB to talk to her about work after Xmas

A TVB executive said the broadcaster would talk to Jacqueline Wong after Christmas, reported the Asianenews portal. PHOTO: JACQUELINEBWONG/ INSTAGRAM

Her first day in Hong Kong after an eight-month absence has turned out fine for TVB actress Jacqueline Wong.

Her sister Scarlett turned up at Jacqueline's apartment block in Yau Tong around 9am on Saturday (Dec 14) after Jacqueline, 30 - who was caught kissing married singer Andy Hui, 52, in April - came back from the United States earlier that day.

She had fled there to escape the public backlash.

Around 11.30am, Scarlett, 37, came out of the building but did not answer queries about whether the siblings had had a tearful reunion.

But the pack of reporters camped outside the building noted that Scarlett was in a visibly upbeat mood.

During the height of the scandal, she told the media that Jacqueline knew that she had done wrong and would need time to come to terms with the backlash.

But if haters felt better by venting their anger at Scarlett too, the latter said she would stay calm and insisted that their family would ride out the storm together.

Another reunion - in the work arena - is on the cards after top TVB executive Virginia Lok said on Saturday that the broadcaster would talk to Jacqueline after Christmas, reported the Asianenews portal.

Ms Lok said TVB wants the actress to spend time with her loved ones after her return to Hong Kong.

Her comments, noted pundits, are further proof that TVB has largely forgiven Jacqueline.

Initially, it had put her shows on hold, even reshooting her scenes in drama Forensic Heroes IV.

But TVB reportedly found itself short of content when the unrest in Hong Kong prevented it from releasing shows that feature the police or triads.

The police have been slammed for over-reacting to protesters, while triad members were said to be behind attacks of protesters in a train station.

TVB dealt with the content shortfall by pulling Jacqueline's drama, Finding Her Voice, out of cold storage in October.

With that show earning decent ratings, TVB, reading that as a sign of renewed public's acceptance of Jacqueline, has scheduled another of her shows, The Maid Alliance, in the upcoming Chinese New Year period.

Her Saturday arrival in Hong Kong was also seen by some pundits as being orchestrated by TVB.

They said it was strange that the media were tipped off and that she made no attempt to wear a mask or dark glasses to hide her identity.

Her comments to the reporters at the airport, while made amid tears, also seemed scripted, with her giving thanks to those who had stood by her, and that she is now putting the mistake she made behind her.

"I really want to continue walking forward," she said.

But as she walked to a waiting vehicle, she was pursued by the reporters and that was when she seemed to lose some of her poise, choosing only to answer certain questions.

No, she said, she was not in financial trouble, when asked if reports of her being sued by companies - over aborted marketing campaigns in the wake of the scandal - had wiped out her finances.

No, she did not change her name in the US, she clarified, adding that talk about her switching to the real-estate industry was not true.

But she ignored questions over whether she had told former boyfriend Kenneth Ma, 45, about her return.

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