DJ Koo got down on one knee to propose to Barbie Hsu via a video call

DJ Koo (left) and Barbie Hsu had rekindled their love affair after more than 20 years apart. PHOTOS: DJKOO/INSTAGRAM, HSUSHIYUAN/INSTAGRAM

SEOUL - South Korean singer DJ Koo has opened up about his whirlwind romance with Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu.

The couple, who announced their surprise marriage in March while he was in South Korea and she was in Taiwan, had rekindled their love affair after more than 20 years apart.

Hsu, 45, and her first husband, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, 40, announced their divorce in November 2021. They have two children together.

In a trailer for the upcoming episode of South Korean variety show You Quiz On The Block to be aired next Wednesday (June 22), hosts Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho chat with DJ Koo, 52, about the lightning-fast marriage and how he proposed.

DJ Koo, whose full name is Koo Jun-yup, said he concocted many reasons to call Hsu after learning of her divorce.

He had kept her phone number after their break-up in 1999 and she had never changed it, which he proclaimed to be "just like it was destiny".

He also revealed that he was the one who first brought up the idea of getting married, as they would otherwise not be able to meet due to the Covid-19 restrictions in place at that time in Taiwan.

In March, with the paperwork for their marriage done, he flew to Taipei and was quarantined for 10 days before he was reunited with his new wife.

In the snippet, he also bashfully demonstrated how he had dropped to one knee to propose via a video call, saying: "Of course, I also had to perform this action."

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