Barbie Hsu meets new husband DJ Koo in person at last after over 20 years

Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo shocked the Chinese-language entertainment industry when they announced their surprise marriage on social media. PHOTO: BARBIE HSU/WEIBO

TAIPEI - South Korean musician DJ Koo has been reunited with his new wife, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, for the first time in more than 20 years.

Koo, whose real name is Koo Jun-yup, was spotted by the Taiwanese media leaving his quarantine hotel around midnight on Sunday (March 20).

He was seen leaving in a taxi with a man in a white shirt. The taxi was then seen entering Hsu's mansion, about 2km away from the hotel.

Under Taiwan's Covid-19 rules, Koo will have to spend another seven days of self-health management at her home.

When asked by the Taiwanese media, Hsu's manager declined to comment what the couple did when they met in person for the first time after so long.

Hsu, 45, and Koo, 52, shocked the Chinese-language entertainment industry on March 8 when they announced their surprise marriage on social media.

They had reportedly dated in secret for a year before breaking up in 1999 and did not see each other again until they reconnected after Hsu's divorce from Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, 40, in November last year.

They registered their marriage in South Korea, with Hsu filling out the relevant documents in Taiwan and sending them to Koo in South Korea.

They planned to file the marriage paperwork in Taiwan, with Koo flying to Taipei on March 9 to begin his 10-day quarantine.

He shared on social media snippets of his daily life in quarantine, such as posting a photo of his laptop and other working instruments.

Glimpsed in the photo was a Chinese-language textbook, which led the Taiwanese media to suggest that Koo was also brushing up on his Mandarin so that he could communicate better with Hsu's family.

Koo also posted a video on social media to promote the new album of television host Dee Hsu, 43, Barbie Hsu's younger sister.

The Hsu sisters were once part of the pop duo ASOS, with Barbie known as Big S and Dee as Little S.

Dee Hsu seemed to appreciate her new brother-in-law's efforts, posting a video of herself dancing early on Sunday to celebrate the end of his quarantine.

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