A closely watched marriage: Actress Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo register nuptials in Taiwan

The couple announced their surprise marriage on social media on March 8, 2022. PHOTOS: BARBIE HSU/WEIBO, DJKOO/INSTAGRAM

TAIPEI - Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu and South Korean musician DJ Koo have registered their marriage in Taiwan, although they did not do so in person.

They registered their marriage through appointed proxies instead.

The couple were reportedly deterred by reporters waiting near Hsu's house and the Household Registration Office in Xinyi District. The media had staked out the office after a Taiwanese tabloid reported that the couple were expected to file their papers on Monday (March 28).

The marriage registration was confirmed by Hsu's studio on Weibo on Monday evening, which said in a statement: "Ms Barbie Hsu (Big S) and Mr Koo Jun-yup have completed their marriage registration in Taiwan today, with the date of marriage based on the registration date of Feb 8 in South Korea."

Noting the large number of journalists waiting near her home and Household Registration Office, the studio added that Hsu wished to remain low-key.

According to Taiwan's Mirror Media, the couple were reportedly planning to register their marriage at the Household Registration Office at 8.30am on Monday.

However, Hsu changed the plan at the last minute due to the large media presence and appointed proxies to register on their behalf.

Hsu, 45, and Koo, 52, announced their surprise marriage on social media on March 8. They had reportedly dated in secret for a year before breaking up in 1999, and did not see each other again until they reconnected after Hsu's divorce from Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, 40, in November last year.

Hsu and Koo first registered their marriage in South Korea, with Hsu filling out the relevant documents in Taiwan and sending them to Koo in South Korea.

Koo flew to Taipei on March 9 and began his 10-day quarantine at a local hotel. He left the hotel at around midnight on March 20 and went to Hsu's home for another seven days of "self-health management", which ended on Sunday.

The couple may have completed their marriage registration, but Hsu may still have to pacify her mother Huang Chun-mei, who was rumoured to be blindsided and upset by the sudden news of her marriage earlier in March.

Madam Huang had earlier posted two pictures of roosters pecking at each other on Facebook, with the caption: "Don't snatch my children away."

On Monday, she posted two pictures of roosters, with the caption: "I won't bother about your love or lack of love. I won't bother about all the troubles, as I will leave the troublesome place."

But she later clarified that the message was not aimed at her daughter and her new husband. Instead, she told Taiwan's Apple Daily on Monday that she wrote the post as she was frustrated by the large media presence near her daughter's home, which prevented her from meeting her daughter.

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