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The Eulogy Project I: Muah Chee Mei And Me, has good muah chee, but not enough peanuts to complete the dish.
Presented as part of Esplanade’s Pesta Raya, this comedy of manners directed by Aidli ‘Alin’ Mosbit revolves around eight women from the privileged echelons of Malay society in 1950s Singapore, and the lengths they go to achieve what they want.
One day before her wedding, a bride-to-be is raped, choked to death in a dark alley, dumped in a rubbish bin and her body set aflame.
Death and mortality are not usually the preoccupations of working professionals in their mid-20s. But a group of young theatre practitioners has made the eulogy the centre of their theatre production, Eulogy Project I: Muah Chee Mei And Me.
When wars on race, class and sexuality have been fought, with some concessions won and boundaries erased, perhaps the greatest remaining scandal, and tragedy, is for people to be paralysed by their newfound freedom.
Singapore theatre's most famous silhouette wears a tailored kebaya and beaded slippers. She sits alone, amid the imagined ruins of an empty house and finished feasts, haunted by her past.
Dance history as meticulous drag act, Martha@... The 1963 Interview reveals volumes about the late modern dance doyenne Martha Graham. This re-enactment of a 1963 conversation between Graham and dance critic and historian Walter Terry is based on an audio recording discovered in New York in 2010.

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