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This production, which will tour Singapore till March 21, is presented by TheatreWorks Writer’s Laboratory Writing & Community. This annual community tour marks an eight-year partnership between TheatreWorks and the South East Community Development Council.
Following its well-received boutique inaugural edition last year, the Singapore International Festival of Arts will be traversing the heartland this year, with several performances that go right to audiences' doorsteps.
Families such as the Hos, who are prepared to splurge on quality entertainment for young children, are fuelling the growth of the children's theatre scene here.
LONDON (REUTERS) - The tunes were familiar but the words were not as a troupe of deaf and blind North Koreans performed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and songs from The Phantom of the Opera in Britain and France over the past week.
Chinese actor Liang Guanhua got the jitters more than 15 years ago when he found out that he had been cast as Wang Lifa, the ambitious teahouse proprietor in Lao She's epic masterpiece, Teahouse - one of the most recognisable leading roles in the Chinese theatre canon.
Weddings have long been a source of inspiration for Malay dance pioneer Som Mohamed Said. Madam Som, 64, who marks her 50th year in dance this year, says she is drawn to the "rich symbolism" of matrimony.
The allure of the Dream Of The Red Chamber - one that promises cloistered, blushing beauties but also unleashes the inner rot of high society - doesn't seem to have faded for Hong Kong director Edward Lam.
In mythology, the dragon is known to be a creature who not only can move on land, but can also fly and swim.

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