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The King may have rejected his request to declare an emergency but Muhyiddin has not come out empty-handed.
Muhyiddin's leadership faces the prospect of defeat when Parliament reconvenes on Nov 2. 
The two vaccines are SKYCellflu Quadrivalent and VaxigripTetra.
Demographic shifts across the US have changed the composition of the electorate.

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Stroke patients may lose the ability to speak, write and understand language.




    Loot boxes in video games can be as addictive as gambling.
    The survey examined teachers' beliefs towards literature education and their teaching practices.


    Second CBD in Jurong will create jobs and fuel demand for homes there, says ERA senior exec.
    Know what you can afford, and avoid mindless consumerism.
    Excess global supply is depressing prices and the glut is not likely to atrophy.


    Tour guides and operators hope this will eventually bring visitors here after the pandemic situation subsides.
    Her Online Music Showcase 2.0 on Oct 24 was streamed on platforms such as YouTube and QQ Music.


    With family support, stroke survivor overcame negativity and underwent regular therapy.

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