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Some were "totally stunned" when told that Robinsons was in provisional liquidation.
Whether the two powers can cooperate on global challenges like climate change and pandemics is an unanswered question.
The comments came at a time of heightened tensions in France.
Having endured months of restrictions, everyone wants to move on, but a nasty, crafty bug stands ready to pounce.

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The call for Indonesian volunteers to test a potential vaccine against Covid-19 was sounded in July.


The hawkish stance towards China is likely to continue.
 European governments always try to maintain a polite silence about who may be their favourite candidate for the White House.
What is at stake as a divided nation heads to one of its most consequential elections in decades on Nov 3?



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Home-grown singer-composer Dick Lee shares what he enjoys doing on weekends.




    The pandemic has renewed interest in such subscription boxes for kids as families spend more time at home.
    The ability to understand and act on intercultural and global issues saw Singapore students claim the top spot. 


    Second CBD in Jurong will create jobs and fuel demand for homes there, says ERA senior exec.
    Know what you can afford, and avoid mindless consumerism.
    Excess global supply is depressing prices and the glut is not likely to atrophy.


    SINGAPORE - In the wake of Covid-19, when it is common to work from home, more people have been snapping up ergonomic chairs for their home offices.
    Veteran Hong Kong actor John Chiang has denied that Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou is his illegitimate son, after an old claim made by his half-brother, director Derek Yee, resurfaced recently.

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