I don’t often have sushi and when I do, it’s usually at one of 4 places. I like a sure thing, you know? So friends of mine were saying they like Sushi Kenji at Cuppage Plaza. One of them scored hard-to-get seats, and we went. Well. The chef, Kenji Nakagawa, has been here 7 years and is very personable. His restaurant is very very no frills. Just 2 menus - $88 for sushi only, $128 for sashimi and sushi. So if you like that sort of focus, consider this place. It was much much better than I thought it’d be. And when we agitated for more food, he gamely served us 3 extra pieces - nodoguro (he had this and kept it secret?!), Kinmedai belly and buri belly. Of course we wanted to book our next meal. He’s full until November. “Chotto mate,” he says. Story of my life 😩
Wong Ah Yoke

Min Jiang at @goodwoodparkhotelsg will reopen on Oct 8 at 1pm after a major renovation that makes it brighter with a lighter colour scheme #minjiang #goodwoodparkhotel #chineserestaurant #renovated #foodcritic
Eunice Quek

Pork belly with perfectly crispy crackling. Part of the German gastronomy celebration at Goodwood Park Hotel’s Gordon Grill. RT @ST_LifeTweets: Food Picks: Singapore-inspired bon bons t.co/QEU9wDlDii t.co/Imz8ETncQa
Hedy Khoo

Char kway teow with extra hum at 6.50am in the morning. Hidden hums below. Hums with every mouthful. Humlessly devoted to you... . . . . . #charkwayteow #ckt #heartattackfood #seehum #breakfast #hawkerfood #sgfood #igfood #igsg #straitstimesfood